CoLD - Color the Linked Data Web!

List of Tools

Here we list Linked Data Web Applications that using the coloring algorithm to visualize RDF resources on the Web.


CubeViz is a facetted browser for statistical data which utilizes the RDF Data Cube vocabulary which is the state-of-the-art in representing statistical data in RDF. This vocabulary is compatible with SDMX and is being increasingly adopted. Based on the vocabulary and the encoded Data Cube, CubeViz generates a facetted browsing widget that can be used to interactively filter observations to be visualized in charts. Based on the selected structure, CubeViz offers beneficiary chart types and options which can be selected by users.

A multi-tool shell script for doing Semantic Web jobs on the command line. The last addition to is the coloring option. To use it, clone the below listed repository, and use the following command line: color what_ever_should_be_colored

<sameAs> - interlinking the Web of Data

The Web of Data has many equivalent URIs. This service helps you to find co-references between different data sets. Type in an URI and you will receive all listed co-references which are colored using the CoLD approach.

You want to see your tool in this list?

If you support this idea please let us know. We will add your tool to the list (But without warranty). Michael Martin is the responsible person and should be contacted via Email. We only need the following from you:

  • Name of the Tool
  • Short description
  • Screenshot / Logo
  • Link to the Demo, Repository etc.
Alternativly you can send us an RDF description about the tool.